Can You Repair a Mini Fridge Yourself?


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It is possible to repair a minifridge without professional assistance. Doing so requires understanding the various components of the machine as well as access to proper tools.

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One of the most important components of a minifridge is the coolant line. If this line is punctured or otherwise compromised, then it will need to be repaired. To repair the puncture points, homeowners sandpaper the hole down until it is smooth. Next they grab some aerosol electronic cleaner to ensure there is no remaining grit around the sandpapered area. From there, they get an epoxy mix and apply it to the puncture areas. Once the puncture areas have dried and set, the coolant needs to be added back into the system. This can be done at the back of the minifridge. This requires cutting into the pinched off line and adding a access valve. Prior to adding in the Freon, the line needs to be vacuumed clean. This ensures no unwanted backup is in the system. Typically minifridges need three to four ounces of Freon to operate. So long as the user has access to the tools needed for this repair, professional assistance is not necessary. This type of repair can be completed at a relatively low cost.

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