Where Can You Repair a Maytag Legacy Series Dryer?


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The Maytag Legacy can be repaired through the Maytag Authorized Service program. In order to schedule an appointment with an authorized Maytag technician, an appliance owner should enter the information about the Maytag Legacy into the company's service and repair website.

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Before attempting to schedule an appointment with an authorized Maytag technician, the owner of the dryer should know the model number and serial number of the appliance. If this information is not available, calling for an appointment may be the best option. If the dryer was purchased in the past 12 months, the appliance is under warranty, and a receipt needs to be presented before repairs are made. Some owners of a Maytag dryer have chosen an extended service plan. If this is the case, the individual should not contact Maytag for a repair, instead contacting the service provider listed on the plan.

Though many people find peace of mind contacting Maytag directly for a dryer repair, there are other companies that perform repairs on the Maytag Legacy Series. For instance, Sears can repair this dryer by scheduling an appointment on the Sears Home Services website. Other local repair companies can also usually repair Maytag appliances, so a homeowner may want to contact these businesses to get the best price.

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