How Can You Repair a Leak in a PVC Pipe?

To repair a PVC pipe leak, begin by releasing the water pressure from the pipe. There are several ways to repair a PVC pipe leak, but the simplest method is to sand the surface of the pipe and apply epoxy. Make sure to allow an hour for the curing process.

  1. Release pressure from the pipe

    Turn off the household water supply for the duration of the process in order to relieve pressure from the PVC pipe. Additionally, turn on all sinks in the house to ensure all pressure is released from the pipe.

  2. Sand the surface of the pipe

    To promote adhesion between the pipe and epoxy, use sandpaper to rough up the surface of the pipe.

  3. Mix the epoxy solution

    Read the directions on the epoxy containers for information on the appropriate solution ratio and mixing procedures. Open the containers, and put the required amount of each component in a mixing pan. Using gloves, mix the solution thoroughly with your hands until the solution is the same color throughout. Do not create a surplus of epoxy, as the solution dries within 3 minutes.

  4. Apply the epoxy

    Using gloves, apply epoxy on both sides of the leak. Press the epoxy through the PVC pipe leak, and repeat the process on the opposite side. If more epoxy is required to cover the leak, create another mixture and apply.

  5. Cure the epoxy

    Allow the epoxy to dry for at least one hour before turning on the water supply.