How Can You Repair a Kenmore Dryer?

How Can You Repair a Kenmore Dryer?

Repairing a Kenmore dryer requires troubleshooting to determine the problem, ordering replacement parts and making the repair. Older dryers are easier to troubleshoot. As of 2015, calling a professional for help with a solid-state dryer is sometimes more economical than attempting to fix the device alone.

If the dryer is noisy, it could have worn glides, rollers or bearings. Some older units use felt glides that allow the drum to turn, while others use rollers. A worn belt creates a thumping noise as the dryer drum turns. To diagnose the problem, unplug the dryer from the power outlet, open the top of the dryer and turn the drum while listening to locate the noise.

A broken belt, door switch, high-temperature fuse or cycling thermostat could prevent the dryer from starting. The belt is an easy check. A thermostat or door switch requires the use of a multimeter to check.

Dryers that do not heat could have a burned out heating element. Visual inspection of the element often shows a broken wire; however, a multimeter is useful for checking the heating element for continuity.

If the dryer takes too long to dry, the problem is often a clogged outlet vent. Clean the vent and replace any flexible duct with straight-walled ducting to reduce the chances of lint buildup. Cleaning the dryer vent also reduces the chance of a dryer fire.