How Can You Repair a Kenmore 253 Refrigerator?


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Depending on the issue, repairs for a Kenmore 253 refrigerator may include clearing out the water valve, cleaning the door seals, tightening the connection of the power cord and adjusting the temperature control knob. Homeowners may also need to check the circuit breaker or replace a blown fuse.

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If the ice maker of the Kenmore 253 is not working, ensure that the water line is open by turning the valve counterclockwise. If the ice maker does not start at this point, turn the valve the opposite direction to close the valve, and use a screwdriver to unfasten the screws that secure the water valve. Scrub sediment off the valve using a stiff brush, or replace the device if it is defective. If the refrigerator or freezer does not cool sufficiently, try removing debris from the door seals using a damp cloth.

Unplug the power cord before plugging it in again to ensure a solid connection. If it still does not work, check the circuit breaker to reset it if it has been tripped if the refrigerator's compressor is not running. If the control knob has been turned off, set it to "5" to start the compressor and begin cooling the cavities. Call a qualified repair technician if the problem does not resolve after applying these fixes as the appliance may require more in-depth repairs.

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