How Can You Repair a Glass Stove Top?

Problems such as scratches, cracks and plastic melts on the glass stove-top surface are repaired by buffing with nail polish, scraping with a metal spatula or by replacing the cooktop glass. If the stove is not heating properly, replacing faulty switches is helpful, according to Home Guides.

Scratches on the glass surface of the stove are removed by buffing it with nail polish or a paste of baking soda. Circular movements are used and the material wiped away using a nonabrasive cleaner. If the scratches are too deep, it is better not to buff too much as this dulls the glass.

Cracks on the glass surface of the stove are repaired by replacing the glass with a new one. For this, screws holding the glass surface are unscrewed, any wires disconnected and grill grates, filter, cartridges and aeration pan removed. The new glass is then screwed down and the system reassembled, explains eHow.

Plastic melts are scraped off gently using a metal spatula as soon as possible. A nonabrasive cleaner is used to wipe away any remaining plastic.

Improperly heating glass stoves are repaired by testing the switches. For this, power is disconnected and wires from the switch connecting to the unit that is not heating are pulled out and tested using an ohmmeter. If the switch registers continuity on the meter, it indicates that the unit needs replacement. If not, then the switch is faulty and is replaced.