How Can You Repair a GE Microwave Oven?

Depending on the cause of the problem, repairing a GE microwave may require performing a soft or hard reset, replacing the fuse, or replacing worn and broken parts. If simple fixes do not solve the problem, users should contact a qualified repair technician.

A soft reset involves pressing and holding the Off/Clear button for three to five seconds. For many problems, such as a non-functioning microwave oven, an unresponsive touch pad or a blank display, users can perform a hard reset by unplugging the machine and waiting at least one full minute before plugging it in again. If the GFCI outlet has been tripped, a soft reset should be performed.

If excess electrical current is passing through the fuse's wires, a replacement fuse may be needed. To install a new fuse, first unplug the device before unscrewing the screws on the grill to access the fuse, and label all of the wires before disconnecting them from the fuse. Put the new fuse in place, reattach the wires, and put the cover back on before testing the device. Microwave ovens hold an electrical charge even when they are unplugged, carrying the risk of electric shock. Users may wish to leave any repairs on the inside of the appliance to a professional. If the microwave is behaving erratically, take off the cover to check for worn parts, and replace them if necessary.