Can You Repair an Electric Stove Yourself?


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Parts that commonly break on an electric stove can often be replaced by owners. Manufacturers often sell replacement parts, and newer stoves are designed to provide easy access to parts that break most frequently.

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Electric stove burners are subject to significant heat changes, which can cause wear over time. Coming into contact with hot liquids can also cause small cracks to form, potentially leading to breaks. Most electric stove boilers are fairly simple to plug in and unplug, so replacing one often takes only a few minutes. In some cases, cleaning the contacts on the plug can fix a burner that's not functioning well.

Switches are also vulnerable to wear over time, but replacing a switch is a bit more complex than replacing a burner. Stoves generally need to be pulled away from the wall as switches are often wired at the back of the stove and electrical wiring can be complex. Before attempting work, it's important to ensure that the stove is disconnected from the power supply. If the replacement part or operating manual has instructions for changing the switch or other components, it's likely safe to attempt a repair. Those without access to instructions may want to call an expert.

Fortunately, electric stove repairs are often fairly simple and can be done quickly, so users who are worried may wish to call an expert. Experts often guarantee their work, which ensures quick service should the repair fail.

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