How Can You Repair a Cracked Foundation?


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Cracked home foundations can typically be repaired by using a concrete repair epoxy, a concrete caulk or a vinyl patching compound that can be found at many hardware and home improvement stores, including Ace Hardware and The Home Depot. Large cracks that run around corners or cracks that extend from the floor to the ceiling of the foundation require professional inspection and repair in case the soil is settling under the foundation or the structural integrity has been compromised.

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Homeowners that want to do their own repairs must inspect the cracked area thoroughly. It the crack is wet, dry it with a hair dryer. Use a wire brush to scrub the crack clean of any dirt, dust or concrete particles. A shop vacuum can be used to remove any remaining particulates left from the brushing.

Vinyl patching compounds work well for repairing hairline cracks. A primer additive or a concrete bonding adhesive may be needed to help the compound adhere to the concrete. Several layers of the vinyl must be applied over the crack with a putty knife.

Latex, silicone and polyurethane caulks work well to fill bigger cracks, and they are effective in allowing expansion and contraction of the concrete due to changing temperatures. For cracks wider than 1/2-inch, foam backer rods may need to be inserted before the caulk to keep it from recessing into the crack.

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