How Can You Repair a Cracked Fiberglass Tub?


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You can fix a cracked fiberglass tub with a fiberglass repair kit; however, the tub may require professional repair, depending on the cause of the crack. If the damage occurred because of a significant impact from a sharp object that was dropped on the tub then a repair kit is sufficient, but if there was no obvious impact the tub be poorly supported underneath, which requires remedy to avoid a new crack.

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Start a do-it-yourself fix using a repair kit by thoroughly cleaning the damaged area and then sanding it smooth with a fine grain sandpaper. Coat the crack and about 1 inch around it using the supplied brush and bonding agent. Allow the bonding agent to dry according to the instructions. Fill the crack with fiberglass filler using a putty knife to scrape away any excess and allow the filler to dry.

Sand the work area smooth, and wipe away the dust with a rag. Cover the crack and an area about 2 inches larger with the epoxy from the kit, and cut a patch from the fiberglass repair cloth to the correct size and press it on the work area by hand. Squeegee any air bubbles out of the patch with your putty knife, and coat the patch with finish coat or sealer from the kit.

Professional repair companies drill several holes in the bottom of the tub and spray a hard-drying liquid foam under the tub to fill any gaps in its support. The company then installs a new false bottom with a matching smooth or non-slip finish.

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