How Can You Repair a Coleman Lantern?


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The Coleman Lanterns are pressure lamps manufactured by the Coleman Company. The models can run using different fuels such as Kerosene, Coleman fuel, gasoline, propane and give out intensely bright white light. The first step to repairing a Coleman lantern is to know the year of its make. Depending upon the year, it is important to understand the way it operates and functions.

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Once the operation of the lantern is understood, the next step is troubleshooting. It is always a good idea to identify the problem and repair your Coleman Lantern than to go in for a new piece. The problems associated with Coleman Lantern can be: the pump plunger is no longer having resistance. This could arise because the plunger might have dried up or cracked. In this case the solution is to replace the plunger. The pressure falls either right away or after a few minutes from pumping. The problem here could be the fuel filler cap which should be replaced. The stem of the plunger rises after pumping. This might occur because the check ball is corroded. However replacing check ball is difficult hence pressure can be applied with fingers till the lantern starts functioning and then removed. There is a fuel leakage around the valves. The valves stem needs to be tightened and resealed. The lantern is not giving bright white light or is giving yellow light. This could be due to variety of reasons dirt, clogging, gasket issues, or fuel quality. Taking care of these would result in a Coleman Lantern once again giving you bright light.

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