How can you repair a Bunn coffee maker?


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Repairs for a Bunn coffee maker vary depending on the issue but may include running water through the device, deliming the coffee maker, cleaning the sprayhead and removing the lid. If the Bunn coffee maker's warranty is still valid, home repairs void the warranty.

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If coffee does not come out of the Bunn coffee maker, unplug the machine, place cold water into the decanter and put the empty funnel into the guides. Fill the brewer with the cold water from the decanter, and place the decanter on the base until the internal tank begins to fill. Repeat the filling process, and let the water flow through the funnel and into the decanter. Once it stops, empty the decanter, plug in the machine and attempt to brew coffee.

To delime the coffee maker, unplug and cool the machine. Then use a deliming tool to brush lime buildup from the sprayhead tube, and rinse it out. Also ensure that enough water is in the tank for brewing and that the lid is closed completely.

If the funnel overflows, check for lime buildup on the sprayhead, and clear it with a toothpick or scrubbing brush if it's present. This problem may also be fixed by using coarser ground coffee or using Bunn coffee filters. If water begins flowing while the lid is still open, ensure it is not partially closed or completely remove the lid to solve this problem.

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