How Can You Repair a Bosch Microwave?

A Bosch microwave can be repaired by replacing the line fuse, changing the door switch and replacing the magnetron. The exact repairs needed on Bosch microwaves depend on the specific problem.

A burned out line fuse can cause the microwave to stop working, as the fuse prevents too much current from flowing through the circuit. Appliance owners should inspect the fuse and replace it if blown. A qualified appliance repair person should also take a look at the unit and resolve any underlying power issues to prevent the new fuse from blowing.

A burned out door switch can cause the microwave to run for a few seconds and stop. Some of the problems include the component burning, arcing and overheating. Appliance owners should inspect each door switch for continuity, and replace the switches as necessary.

Finally, a burned out magnetron can cause a microwave not to heat. The magnetron is responsible for generating enough frequency to cook food. Operating the microwave while empty can cause the component to burn out. Appliance owners should test the magnetron for continuity and replace it if necessary to fix the problem. They should also contact a qualified appliance repair person, preferably one with experience repairing Bosch microwaves, if these repairs don’t work.