How Can You Remove a Wall Mirror?


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The procedure for removing a wall mirror depends on the method of attachment to the wall. The mirror may be attached using brackets, screws or glue. Irrespective of the attachment method, be sure to protect your hands and eyes with gloves and safety goggles before attempting this task.

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Removing a bracket-attached mirror involves lifting the mirror from lower brackets first before lowering and sliding the mirror out of the upper brackets. Loosening off the screws that secure the brackets on the wall and detaching the brackets from the wall completes the process. For a screwed mirror, use a screwdriver to turn the screws counter-clockwise until they come off, taking care to hold the mirror in place to prevent it from falling. To minimise the chances of falling, remove the top screws first before moving to the bottom screws. Alternatively, allow another person to hold the mirror for you as you remove the screws.

To remove a glued mirror, start by covering the mirror with tape and placing a tarp beneath the mirror so that the mirror pieces fall on the tarp. Insert a metal rod into the glue holding the mirror onto the wall, and pull the rod against the mirror's back to detach the mirror from the wall. Repeat the process until all the mirror is detached from the wall, taking care to work from the mirror's top to the bottom. Discard the mirror pieces and clear the floor of any pieces.

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