How Can You Remove a Stuck Light Bulb?

can-remove-stuck-light-bulb Credit: F. Verhelst, Papafrezzo Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Remove a stuck light bulb using a piece of duct tape, a bar of soap or a potato. The likelihood of the bulb breaking is high so gloves and eye protection should be worn while trying to loosen a stuck bulb.

Before attempting to remove a stuck bulb, the electricity to the light should be turned off. Once the electricity is turned off, using a rag and gloves, try to twist the light bulb from the socket. The rag should be placed over the light bulb in case the glass shatters.

If the light bulb will not come out of the socket, then a piece of duct tape can be used to try and unscrew the bulb. Cut a 2-foot long piece of tape and wrap it into a circle with the sticky sides facing inward. Place the bulb in the center of the loop and press the sides to the glass. There should be an excess amount of tape located on either side of the bulb. This excess tape can be used as handles. Turn the bulb counter clockwise using the tape handles to release it from the socket.

If the bulb breaks, take a potato or a bar of soap and insert it into the socket where the base of the light bulb is retained. Wedge the potato or bar of soap into the socket and begin twisting it to unscrew the base of the light bulb from the socket.