How Can You Remove Stains Caused by Ink From a Ballpoint Pen?

To remove ink stains from clothing, apply alcohol to the stain, and blot the garment until the ink is no longer visible. Wash the stained area with detergent or soap. Treat persistent stains with a laundry pretreatment product. Wash the garment in hot water after treating the stain.

  1. Apply alcohol to the stain

    Apply a small amount of alcohol or alcohol-based hand sanitizer to the ink spot, and blot the stain, beginning at the outside edge. Reapply the alcohol as needed, and continue to blot the garment until the stain lightens significantly. Rinse the stained area with cold water.

  2. Wash the stain by hand

    Wash the stained area by hand, using laundry detergent or a bar of bath soap, and rinse the garment thoroughly with cold water.

  3. Wash as usual

    If the stain persists, apply a laundry pretreatment product according to the directions on the product packaging, and wash the garment in the hottest water possible. Add chlorine or color-safe bleach and laundry detergent to the wash to promote stain removal. Refer to the garment's care tags to determine which type of bleach to use. Do not machine-dry the clothing if the ink stain is present after washing; instead, repeat the process as needed.