How Can I Remove Scratches From a Glass Table Top?

To remove scratches from a glass table top, apply paste wax, whitening toothpaste or commercial scratch-removal paste to the surface of the table, then buff it out with a soft, clean cloth. Deeper scratches might require professional attention, which is safer than attempting to repair them at home.

Scratches that a person cannot feel when scraping the surface of the glass with a fingernail can usually be repaired easily.

Step 1: Clean the table top

Never attempt to seal scratches in a glass table top without cleaning it first. Failing to observe this step can result in dust or debris trapped in the scratches by the paste.

Step 2: Apply paste wax

Paste wax, toothpaste and other pastes are applied the same way. Apply a small amount to the area of the table that is scratched, then work it into the scratches with a cloth or sponge. Wipe it off with a separate cloth, then polish the entire table with a microfiber cloth. Repeat this step until the scratches are not noticeable.

If this does not work, consider a scratch repair kit (which is available in home improvement stores and some furniture stores) or consult a professional. If the glass is chipped in any way, expert advice is required to avoid breaking the table.