How Can You Remove Popcorn From a Ceiling?

To remove a popcorn texture from a ceiling, check for asbestos, apply moisture to the popcorn and scrape the areas with a putty knife if the popcorn doesn't contain asbestos. You need a spray bottle, a ceiling roller, a long-sleeved shirt, goggles, a hat, and sheets or tarps. A spackling compound may be necessary in the event of ceiling damage.

  1. Test the area for asbestos

    Wear goggles to protect your eyes from falling debris. Use a spray bottle to moisten four small parts of the ceiling, and then remove pieces of the popcorn. Take the pieces to a lab for testing. Have a professional remove the popcorn if the test comes back positive, or cover it with sheet rock.

  2. Clear the area

    If the popcorn doesn't contain asbestos, continue by removing any furniture in the vicinity. Alternatively, cover the furniture with waterproof plastic sheets. Then, spread waterproof sheets or tarps on the floor.

  3. Moisten the ceiling

    Use a spray bottle or a ceiling roller to wet the ceiling. Cover each area with 2 to 3 square feet of moisture.

  4. Remove the popcorn

    Scrape off the popcorn with a putty knife, but do so carefully. Wet and scrape each section where necessary. Avoid using the corners of the putty knife because this can cause damage to the ceiling.

  5. Smooth the ceiling

    Inspect the ceiling for any damage, and apply a spackling compound if necessary. Sand the area lightly, and paint the ceiling.