How Can I Remove Paint on Top of Wood Stain?


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To remove paint on top of wood stain, brush on a chemical paint stripper, let the product sit for at least 20 minutes, scrape off the paint, reapply the paint stripper, and scrub the wood stain with a wire brush. Once the paint is removed, sand the surface, and apply a new finish.

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  1. Prepare the wood

    Remove any knobs, drawer pulls or other hardware. Tape over other hardware that cannot be removed.

  2. Apply the chemical paint stripper

    Put on goggles, gloves and a respirator. Brush the paint stripper over a small section of the paint. Let the solvent sit for at least 20 minutes up to several hours.

  3. Scrape off the paint

    With a scraper, carefully remove the paint from the surface of the wood.

  4. Apply more chemical stripper

    Once the area is clean, apply the solvent to the next section, and then scrape it off. Continue applying the stripper and removing the paint until the entire piece is stripped. One last time, apply the chemical stripper for 20 minutes to the textured areas, and scrub the surface with a wire brush.

  5. Finish the wood surface

    Wipe off the wood with a wet rag, and sand the surface until it is smooth. Apply a wood stain or another finish as desired.

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