Can I Remove Paint From Tiles?

Paint is removable from tile by using commercial paint removers or home cleaning solutions. Because most commercial cleaners release toxic fumes, some homeowners prefer using natural cleaning options, such as a vinegar solution.

When using commercial paint removers on tile, test the product in a inconspicuous spot first. Even if there is not an inconspicuous spot that does not have paint, try the product on an area that does not have paint. The goal here is to determine if the product is going to cause damage to the tile. Commercial products are usually safe for use on tiles, but there are some that are known to damage the glaze on the tile.

Because commercial paint removers release toxic fumes, another choice is to use vinegar, which is a natural paint remover. To make a natural paint remover, homeowners combine equal parts vinegar and water. Once the two are combined, they bring the solution to a boil and completely remove it from the heat. After the solution is cooled enough to use, they apply the warm solution to the painted tile with a clean cloth. It is fine to use a soft brush to scrub some of the paint off if necessary. This process can be repeated as needed.