How Can You Remove Paint From Glass?

In most cases, hot water and white vinegar can remove paint from glass. However, some stains may require a razor blade or paint thinner.

Homeowners and renters can remove most paint stains using the following steps.

  1. Mix water and vinegar
  2. Boil equal parts of white vinegar and water together.

  3. Wash the glass
  4. Wet a rag with the vinegar mixture. It is important to apply the mixture while it is still hot, as the heat helps dissolve the paint. Take care when handling the hot water, as it can burn the skin. Rub the hot, wet rag on the paint stain and then slowly rub the paint away.

  5. Scrub the glass
  6. If the paint does not wipe away, use the rag to scrub at the stain.

  7. Scrape the paint off
  8. If the vinegar mixture fails to remove the paint, carefully use a razor blade to scrape the paint away. Sharp blades can scratch glass, so it is important to scrape lightly.

  9. Apply paint thinner
  10. Dip a clean rag in paint thinner and rub it on the glass to remove any remaining paint. Read the label before applying, as some chemical paint removers can damage glass.