How Can I Remove Mold in a Bathroom?


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According to Mrs. Clean, removing mold from the bathroom requires both cleaning the surfaces with the right chemicals and changing the environment to be less hospitable to mold. A 50 percent bleach solution kills mold and mildew immediately, as well as their spores, and vinegar also works very well. Reducing relative humidity by consistently increasing the heat of the bathroom, or using the fan, also helps, as does increased lighting.

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How Can I Remove Mold in a Bathroom?
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Mold and mildew require moist conditions to thrive. Mrs. Clean states that the bathroom is an ideal place for mold and mildew to grow. Bathrooms have high levels of humidity, damp areas, and often have poor air circulation and lighting. In addition, the oils and soap scum that build up in bathrooms are food for mold, so mold thrives in bathtubs and showers.

Remove mold by scrubbing the area with a favorite bathroom cleaner. Regular cleaning with vinegar or bleach, along with keeping lights on and reducing humidity, are the only ways to prevent mold from returning.

According to Mrs. Clean, another problem of excessive mold is a musty and sour odor. Baking soda helps to remove any odors, and spraying undiluted vinegar and letting it dry weekly prevents the odor from returning.

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