How Can You Remove Honey Bees From Your Property?


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To remove an unsettled swarm of honey bees, call a beekeeper. The beekeeper brushes or shakes the bees into a cardboard box and removes them from the property. If a cluster of bees appears to move into a building, seal off the area surrounding the bees for two or more days, and remove any remaining bees with a vacuum. Contact a beekeeper for help removing an established hive or colony on your property.

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Swarm clusters of honey bees typically fly from place to place until they find a proper nesting site. In most cases, they fly off on their own. However, if a honey bee cluster on a wall or building appears to be shrinking but hasn't flown away, it is likely that the bees are nesting on the property. Use a screen, steel wool or another tough material to seal bees into the nest. After most of the bees have died of dehydration, suck up any surviving bees with a vacuum cleaner hose and dispose of the bag in a secure location.

Removing established colonies from buildings is considerably more difficult than removing a swarm cluster. Pest control companies can kill the bees in place using pesticides, but the rotting hive left behind can cause extensive property damage. Rather than exterminating the bees, contact a contractor to drill a hole surrounding the hive, and have a beekeeper gently remove the hive and transport it to a more suitable location, thus preserving the bees and letting them continue to have a beneficial effect on the local ecosystem.

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