How Can You Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass?

How Can You Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass?

To remove hard water stains on glass, clean the item frequently with hard water stain removers formulated specifically for glass. Prevent hard water stains by cleaning the glass immediately after it comes into contact with water.

  1. Remove stains frequently

    The longer water is allowed to sit on the surface of glass, the harder stains are to remove. If hard water stains are a frequent problem, make time to clean glass items often so the stains can be removed quickly and easily without harsh cleaning products.

  2. Prevent water from sitting on the surface

    Preventing hard water stains is easier than cleaning hard water stains. To prevent stains from occurring, remove water build-up on glass items before it dries. Remove water on drinking glasses by drying them with a soft cloth. For glass shower doors and windows, use a squeegee to remove water droplets after showering. A soft rag or towel can also be used to gently wipe away water from any glass surface.

  3. Use products specifically labeled for hard water stains

    For stubborn hard water stains, use a cleaner specifically formulated to remove hard water stains. Abrasive cleaners work effectively, but only use them on glass surfaces that will not scratch. Always test the cleaning product in an inconspicuous area on the glass first to make sure it will not cause damage.