How Can You Remove Hard Water Stains?

How Can You Remove Hard Water Stains?

How Can You Remove Hard Water Stains?

Removing hard water stains is a process that takes a varying amount of time depending on the severity and size of the stains. In order to remove hard water stains from your surfaces, you need a spray bottle, white vinegar, water, a rag, baking soda and a container.

  1. Create a cleaning mixture in your spray bottle

    Fill half of your spray bottle with warm water. Pour in the white vinegar until the spray bottle is completely filled.

  2. Spray and scrub the surfaces with your bottle

    Spray the cleaning mixture onto any surfaces that have hard water stains on them. Use your rag to scrub at the stains and scum. If this gets rid of all of your stains, you may stop. If your stains are resistant to this mixture, you need to create a cleaning paste.

  3. Create a cleaning paste if necessary

    Take your container and pour in equal parts white vinegar and baking soda. Mix this solution until it forms a paste. Spread this paste out over any hard water stains.

  4. Wait and remove the cleaning paste

    Allow 15 minutes to pass. Once this time is up, rinse the paste away with water and then immediately dry the surface with your towels.