How Can I Remove Grease Cooking Oil Stains?

How Can I Remove Grease Cooking Oil Stains?

Cornstarch, liquid dish detergent and laundry pretreatment products are used to remove oil stains from clothing and other fabrics. The process can take several hours and includes absorbing as much of the oil as possible, then cleaning the stain with dish detergent before washing as usual.

  1. Remove any excess oil

    Blot the stain with paper towels to remove excess oil, then pour a small amount of cornstarch onto the stain to absorb the remaining cooking oil. Allow the cornstarch to remain on the fabric for 15 minutes, then gently shake the fabric to remove the cornstarch.

  2. Apply liquid dish detergent to the stain

    Mix 1 tablespoon of dish detergent with 2 cups water, and work the cleaning solution into the fabric with a sponge. To remove oil stains from sturdy fabrics, such as denim or cotton, apply liquid dish detergent directly to the stain, then rub the detergent into the fabric gently.

  3. Rinse the stain and apply a pretreatment

    Rinse the stained area thoroughly with warm water, then apply a laundry pretreatment product according to the directions on the package.

  4. Wash as usual

    Wash clothing according to the instructions on the care label. To promote stain removal, use the hottest recommended water temperature.