How Can You Remove the Glue That Is Left Over After You Take up a Floor Tile?

How Can You Remove the Glue That Is Left Over After You Take up a Floor Tile?

To remove the glue left over after removing a floor tile, scrape along the floor with a sharp edged scraper, working back and forth across the entire area to break the glue loose from the floor. Use a shop vac or broom and dustpan to remove the resulting debris.

  1. Tape the edges of the surrounding tiles

    Apply masking tape to the edges of the tile surrounding the missing tile. Position one long edge against the floor, with the adhesive facing out from the space left by the removed tile. Press the tape down against the face of the tile to minimize scratches. Do this on all sides of the space.

  2. Scrape the glue to loosen it

    Position the blade of your scraper against the floor at about a 45-degree angle starting along one edge of the surrounding tile. Push firmly down and toward the center of the opening to loosen the glue from the floor. Work in overlapping rows along each edge toward the center until all of the glue is loose.

  3. Scrape the edges of the opening

    Turn your scraper so that the blade runs perpendicular to the surrounding tile and scrape along each edge to remove any glue that remains after the initial scraping. Repeat as needed until all four edges are glue free.

  4. Remove the debris

    Sweep or vacuum the loosened glue from the floor. Continue until all residue is removed to ensure the floor is completely clean.