How Can You Remove Glue From Concrete?

How Can You Remove Glue From Concrete?

To remove glue from concrete, scrape away the glue, soften the residue with boiling water, iron away stubborn areas and scrub away any remaining adhesive. If the glue does not come off with manual scrubbing and scraping, try an adhesive-removal product.

Run through the following steps to remove carpet and linoleum glue and adhesive from concrete floors.

  1. Scrape away the glue
  2. Manually scrape away as much glue as possible. A hand scraper and a razor blade scraper can be handy tools for the job, but a Spyder Scraper or power scraper can help remove stubborn areas.

  3. Pour boiling water on the glue
  4. The heat from the boiling water helps soften the adhesive. Pour the water on any remaining glue and let it sit for up to five minutes.

  5. Scrape the surface
  6. After softening the glue, give the concrete another scrape.

  7. Iron the glue
  8. To remove stubborn areas of glue, place some newspaper on top of the glue and work an iron over the surface. This helps dissolve the glue, which then absorbs into the paper.

  9. Scrub away the residue
  10. Scrub away any remaining residue with a scouring pad and a mixture of hot water and ammonia.

  11. Use an adhesive remover
  12. Use a chemical adhesive remover to get rid of any glue that remains after manual removal.