How Can I Remove Gloss Paint From Clothes?

can-remove-gloss-paint-clothes Credit: Geri Lavrov/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Removing gloss paint from clothing depends on several factors, including the type of fabric and whether the paint is latex or oil-based. Using water to rinse latex paint from the underside of the fabric before the stain dries gives the most effective chance of eliminating stains. Once the stream of water removes most of the stain, a laundry detergent solution worked into the fabric should remove any remaining stains.

If the paint is dry, wetting it with alcohol, rubbing and working toward the center with a cotton swab helps to loosen it. On tightly woven fabrics, as the paint begins to release, a dull object like a spoon helps to remove it from the clothes.

Oil-based paint is almost impossible to remove when dry, according to About. The site recommends keeping the paint stain wet with paint thinner or turpentine until there is time to work on removal. While working over a pad of paper towels and pouring the thinner from the back of the fabric, it is sometimes possible to wash the pigments from the fabric so they are absorbed into the towels.

With garments labeled "dry clean only," the most effective approach is to take the item to a professional cleaner. Pointing out the spot to the personnel allows them to take steps to save the item from permanent damage.