How Can You Remove a Gas Burner Assembly From an Appliance?


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To remove a gas burner assembly, unplug the range, lift the stove top up, and then lift the burner assembly off the support arm while sliding it away from the burner valve port. If the shipping screws are still in place, remove them.

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Before removing the gas burner assembly from the stove, always unplug the appliance from the electric supply first. This reduces the risk of serious injury or death from electric shock. There is no need to shut off the gas supply, but make sure that the burner dials are set to 'off' so that gas is not released into the room. If gas does escape, turn the gas off at the shutoff behind the range or by the meter, ventilate the room, and call a service professional. Do not switch on any lights. Next, lift the stove top to reveal the burner assembly. Most stove tops lift on hinges, although some are sealed and do not lift.

The gas burner assembly rests on the support arm. Lift the assembly from the support arm. If the shipping screws are still in place, unscrew them and set them aside. The screws do not have to be replaced as their purpose is to keep the gas burner assembly stable during delivery. Slide the gas burner assembly away from the burner valve port, and remove the gas burner assembly. Gas burner assemblies may vary slightly in appearance in each stove, but the basic construction of burner assemblies is the same.

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