How Can I Remove Diesel From Clothes?

Remove diesel fuel from clothing by pretreating with a solvent-based stain remover or concentrated liquid detergent. Wash clothes in hot water. If the stain or odor is not removed, soak the clothes in a baking soda and water solution, then rewash. Once the odor has been removed, the item can be dried.

  1. Pretreat the diesel stain

    Prepare clothing for the wash by applying a petroleum distillate-based stain remover directly on the stain. Scrub with a disposable sponge to loosen oils. Allow the solution to soak into the stain for several minutes. If a solvent-based cleaner is unavailable, treat the stain with concentrated liquid detergent.

  2. Wash the clothing

    Place clothes in an empty washing machine. Wash them with the hottest water allowed based on fabric type. Do not add other clothing items into the machine.

  3. Review the washed clothes

    After the washing cycle is complete, review the clothing. Do not dry the clothes if the odor or stain is not eliminated.

  4. Soak clothes in baking soda

    If diesel odor or stains are not eliminated, pour 1 cup of baking soda into a bucket of water. Submerge the clothing, and allow it to rest for several minutes.

  5. Send clothes through an additional wash cycle

    After soaking, wash the clothes as normal.

  6. Dry clothes

    When the diesel odor and stain is removed, dry clothing according to fabric requirements.