How Can I Remove Caramel From Cloth Seats?

A caramel stain is a mixture of sugar and grease stains. If it's possible to remove the cover from the seat, the preferred method is to dissolve the caramel, scraping any excess away once loosened, then to use a wet spotter to moisten. Removing any residue with a clean cloth is important, but if this does not entirely remove the stain, an alcohol-soaked pad can be used to dissolve more of the caramel.

  1. Dissolve the sugar and scrape the caramel

    If it's possible to remove the caramel right away, do so. Otherwise, soak a clean cloth in warm water and cover the caramel. This dissolves the sugars. Once the caramel is loosened, use a spoon to scrape the candy away from the seat.

  2. Prepare a wet spotter

    Mix 1 part glycerine, 1 part dishwashing liquid and 8 parts water. Add a few drops of vinegar.

  3. Apply the wet spotter

    Use a clean cloth to sponge the wet spotter onto the stain. Keep the spot covered and moist with the wet spotter. Allow it to stand as long as the stain is coming up.

  4. Remove the residue

    Dampen a clean cloth in water, and flush the area by dabbing with the wet cloth, rinsing as wet spotter comes up. Repeat the wet spotter treatment as necessary.

  5. Use alcohol for persistent stains

    If the stain is lingering, dampen an absorbent pad with alcohol. Press down on the stain, allowing it to stand as long as the stain is coming up. Repeat the flushing process.

  6. Dry the area

    Use clean cloths or paper towels to blot any excess liquid.