How Can You Remove Burn Marks From a Table?

Furniture owners can remove burn marks from wood tables using some sandpaper or steel wool and furniture polish. They may need to use a utility knife and filler to repair very deep burns.

In many cases, burn marks are easy to fix. Burns on the finish or on the upper parts of the wood usually come out with some polish or gentle sanding. However, deeper burns are more challenging to get out. Furniture owners can use the following steps to get burn marks out of tables.

  1. Rub the wood with ash and linseed oil
  2. If the burn is not deep, mix some ashes with linseed oil and rub it into the mark using a clean cloth. Work at the stain until it comes out.

  3. Sand the burn mark
  4. If the mark has gone through the finish and burned the surface of the wood, use some steel wool or some sand paper to gently sand it away. When the mark is gone, skip to the final step.

  5. Scrape away the mark
  6. If the burn is deep, use a utility knife to scrape away the burn mark.

  7. Fill the space
  8. Scraping burn marks away usually leaves deep scratches or gaps in the wood. To fill these, melt some tinted wax designed for woodworking in a color that matches the wood. Carefully apply it to the gap or scratch. Carefully scrape off any extra wax using a razor blade.

  9. Apply some oil or polish
  10. Use some mineral oil, a mixture of oil and beeswax or furniture polish on a soft cloth and buff the table to restore shine.