How Can You Remove Bleach Stains?

Remove a bleach stain by adding alcohol to the unbleached material and spreading the color into the damaged area. This takes about 30 minutes. You need clear alcohol, cotton balls, a container and cold water.

  1. Get the alcohol

    To remove bleach stains, purchase some clear alcohol, such as gin or vodka.

  2. Apply the alcohol to the cotton

    Soak a cotton ball with the alcohol. You may need more than one cotton ball for this process.

  3. Rub the bleach stain

    Rub the cotton ball over the undamaged material immediately surrounding the bleach stain. The alcohol causes the color to bleed. Once the color starts to bleed, spread the color into the bleached area with the cotton ball.

  4. Continue the process

    Continue this process until color has spread to all of the bleached areas. If you have more than one bleached spot, repeat the process for each of the areas.

  5. Prepare the rinse water

    Fill a container or sink with cold water.

  6. Rinse the garment

    Dunk the garment in the cold water. Swish the material around the water in order to remove all of the alcohol. Make sure to rinse the garment thoroughly.

  7. Dry the garment

    Place the garment in a dryer, and dry it on a low setting.