Can You Remove Bed Bugs Without Chemicals?


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Exposing bed bugs to high temperatures, vacuuming them up and using diatomaceous earth are three ways to get rid of bed bugs without chemicals. These three methods can also be done one after the other for a more effective bed bug removal. Preventive measures, such as sealing entry points, keeping the insects away from the bed and removing clutter that may serve as potential hiding places, can also be effective.

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Can You Remove Bed Bugs Without Chemicals?
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One of the simplest methods of getting rid of bed bugs is to expose the insects to high temperatures. This can be done by putting infested bedding first in trash bags and then dumping the bedding into the dryer. Running the dryer on the highest heat possible for 20 minutes should be enough to kill the insects and their eggs.

While the bedding is still in the dryer, use the vacuum cleaner to remove remaining bed bugs on the bed. Bed bugs are known to hide in the bed frame, baseboards and other furniture.

Diatomaceous earth is made from fossilized water plants that are grounded into powder. It is nontoxic and can be purchased at home maintenance supply stores. Sprinkle the powder on areas inhabited by the bugs. Diatomaceous earth dehydrates and eventually kills the bugs it comes into contact with.

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