How Can I Remove Air From Water Pipes?


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Remove air from water pipes by opening each faucet in the home systematically, beginning with the one closest to the water main. Once all valves are open, start closing them one at a time in the same order.

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  1. Make sure the water main is on

    Locate the water main supply valve. Turn the valve clockwise until it stops to ensure it is completely open. For in-line valves, ensure the valve aligns with the water line.

  2. Open each faucet

    Open each faucet, beginning with the faucet nearest the water main. Do not forget the outside faucets. You do not need to open the faucets completely, so use a half-turn to allow the water and air to escape. Flush each toilet, and run the washing machine and dishwasher through a cycle.

  3. Close each faucet

    Return to the starting point, and begin shutting off faucets and appliances. The toilets should have automatically shut off when the tanks filled.

  4. Check for complete air removal

    Check the faucet where the air problem was most noticeable to ensure the process has eliminated the air. Some air bubbles are hard to remove, so repeat the process if necessary. If the pipes continue to make noise, consult a plumber.

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