Where Can You Find Refurbished Appliance Parts?


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Refurbished appliance parts can be purchased at multiple locations online, including Amazon and Appliance Depot. Parts may be found by searching for product codes, brand names and/or general descriptions, depending on which site is used.

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Refurbished appliance parts are used by individuals attempting to reduce the cost of repairs or when specific parts are no longer manufactured. Suppliers of these parts may provide different levels of consumer protection in the form of return policies and warranties. Some online suppliers, such as Angel Appliances and AffordableAppliance.com, may carry used or rebuilt parts alongside new parts without providing an option to search specifically for refurbished items. Also, according to Appliance 411, in some cases universal replacement parts may also be found which can replace parts for multiple brands and models.

Many factors should be considered when purchasing replacement appliance parts. Depending on the repairs being done and the availability of new and universal parts, refurbished or rebuilt parts may not be the cheapest option in the long run. Appliance 411 cautions that parts supplied, or even installed, by anyone outside of certain approved companies can lead to minimal savings without the benefit of warranties provided with new parts and can even void extended warranties on the appliance itself that would otherwise remain in effect.

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