How Can You Refurbish an Old Wall Heater?


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To refurbish an old wall heater, ensure that the unit is safe and that old wiring is replaced to avoid fire hazards. Once a unit is determined to be safe, cleaning and painting the unit will refurbish it, giving it a new look.

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Many old wall heating units do present a fire hazard with old wiring and/or natural gas leaks. In order to prevent fires, it may be wise to replace the unit with a newer model. If the aesthetic of the wall heater is a part of the home design, disconnect the heating elements and keep the unit for decorative purposes.

Once a plan is made on safety, it is possible to move forward with repainting and refurbishing. If the unit is still connected to electricity or another power source, disconnect before painting. Turn off the power source at the fuse box. Spray paint is flammable, and it could be dangerous to proceed with painting before securing the unit.

Next, clean the unit so the paint will stick. Use a wire brush for detail work. Use a strong metal primer to spray the first coat and allow it to dry. After the primer, apply a heat-resistant stove paint in the desired color choice. Whether the unit is decorative or functional, many homeowners choose to update and refurbish old units to match other elements in the home.

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