Where Can You Find the Best Refrigerator Reviews?


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The best refrigerator reviews are available on a number of websites including CNET.com, GoodHousekeeping.com, Reviewed.com and Amazon.com. While Amazon.com lists customer reviews, the other websites provide expert reviews and recommendations on the best refrigerators in the market. These websites also give a star rating to each refrigerator depending on how it performs compared to competing brands and models.

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Refrigerator reviews on CNET.com are listed according to the refrigerator brand and model. Each review discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a particular refrigerator and concludes with a paragraph on the overall performance of the refrigerator. A rating for the refrigerator's features, design, performance and usability is provided.

Refrigerator reviews on GoodHousekeeping.com highlight the pros and cons of each model. The website also discusses the unique features of each refrigerator and allows readers to leave comments and individual reviews.

Reviewed.com posts numerous refrigerator reviews that are categorized according to the type, brand and model of the refrigerator. The reviews offer comparisons between different refrigerators, assigning a score to each refrigerator. The reviews also offer recommendations on the best refrigerators in the market depending on the rating assigned by testers. Reviewed.com offers in-depth textual and video reviews of specific features of different refrigerators.

Amazon.com allows customers to post reviews of the different refrigerators sold on the website. The website also provides a star rating to each refrigerator depending on the ratings provided by customers.

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