Where Can You Find a Refrigerant Oil Chart?


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Refrigerant oil charts are available at Yale Synthblue Industries and TechChoice Parts. The charts are as per the make and model of the car, year of manufacture, liter size, engine and fuel type, and aspiration. Verify this information with the vehicle manual to choose the correct refrigerant chart.

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Additionally, General Motors has issued a bulletin #02-01-39-004B that dictates PAG 150 oil is replaced with lower viscosity oil. The most common refrigerant oils include Poly Alfa Olefin or PAO, Poly Alkyl Glycol or PAG and Polyol Ester or POE. The charts are also categorized into air conditioning and heating, condenser, bypass pulley, blower motor and tube. Others include heater core, seat heater, compressor clutch, condenser, and evaporator core.

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