Can You Reference a Bedding Size Chart to Sew Your Own Bedding?

When sewing your own bedding, you can reference a bedding size chart to help determine the amount of fabric you need. As of 2016, offers a free chart of standard bedding sizes generally used by manufacturers in the United States. Some manufacturers' measurements vary slightly from this chart.

The chart on offers the standard measurements for comforters, coverlets and bedspreads, according to the standard mattress sizes found in the United States. Many quilters do not use standard sizes to create their quilts, as they determine quilt sizes by measuring the particular beds they are designing them for. This way, they can determine the exact amount of coverage they need to achieve the look they desire. For example, some people may want their quilts short on all sides so that they can easily tuck the quilt in, while others may want each side long enough to touch the ground.