How Can You Reduce Your Monthly Gas Bill?

Reduce your monthly gas utility bill by lowering the thermostat, sealing air leaks and changing filters regularly. Adding a programmable thermostat or upgrading an outdated furnace or water heater can also help reduce energy consumption.

One way to reduce the energy a home requires for heating is by lowering the thermostat setting. Each degree above 68 degrees Fahrenheit increases the furnace's gas consumption by 3 to 5 percent. Investing in a programmable thermostat can save even more by reducing the temperature further when no one is home. A dirty furnace filter makes the unit less efficient at distributing the heat it produces.

Air leaks increase the amount of gas a home uses. Caulking any cracks and adding new weather-stripping to the doors and windows reduces drafts and makes the home more comfortable. Adding a foam insulation gasket behind electrical outlets and switches helps seal leaks. If the home does not meet the current government insulation values, upgrading to the recommended R-values saves fuel.

As of 2015, gas furnaces manufactured more than 15 years ago are much less efficient than new ones. Replacing the older unit with a new one can save up to 20 percent on the home heating bill. Similarly, replacing an older water heater with a new one helps reduce fuel consumption.