How Can You Reduce the Chances of Clothes Shrinking in the Dryer?

To reduce the chances of clothes shrinking in the dryer, wash and dry the clothing according to the laundry care label inside the garment. Reduce heat and drying time to keep all clothing items in good condition and prevent shrinking. Give some garments a bit of time to air dry.

  1. Read the laundry care label

    Read the instructions carefully before laundering items, and follow them exactly. Many items prone to shrinkage require washing in cold water and hanging or placing flat to dry.

  2. Use the lowest heat setting

    Use the lowest heat setting available on your dryer. Most dryers have a low-heat and no-heat setting. Use the low-heat setting for drying full loads of laundry. The no-heat setting works well for fluffing items, but this setting does not dry garments thoroughly. Note that it takes longer to dry an item on a low setting.

  3. Reduce the drying time

    Reducing the drying time on garments helps prevent shrinking. Dry the items until they are only slightly damp, and then hang the items on a hanger or lay them on a flat surface to finish drying. Use low heat combined with a shorter drying time for the best chance of reducing shrinking.