Where Can You Recycle a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?


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Sub-Zero and other brand refrigerators can be recycled through use of the EPA's Responsible Appliance Disposal Program, municipal pickup services or local recycling centers. If none of these options provide an adequate solution, local scrap metal recyclers may also be able to help.

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The RAD Program focuses on protecting the ozone layer and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The program contains numerous partners, including manufacturers, retail brands and utility companies. Each partner's responsibilities include helping to recover used refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. They are then tasked with the proper recycling of these appliances in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

When purchasing a new refrigerator, appliance retailers often pick up and properly dispose of the used model. Check with the local electric utility office or state energy office to see if they provide any refrigerator recycling programs. Municipal pickup services typically schedule a specific day that they pick up heavy items; contact your local waste management division to see if they provide such a service and schedule an appointment if needed. Local scrap metal recyclers can also help recycle used appliances, but be sure to ask for assurances that the appliance is going to be properly recycled.

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