Where Can I Find Recipes for My NuWave Oven?


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Cooking recipes for the NuWave Oven are available online at NuWaveCookingClub.com, as stated by the NuWave Oven official website. Other websites also offer recipes for the NuWave oven, such as Food.com.

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Where Can I Find Recipes for My NuWave Oven?
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A large selection of NuWave oven recipes is available on NuWaveCookingClub.com, which are provided by NuWave. Users are able to sort recipes by view count, upload date, comment count, rating or name. Recipes are separated into different categories based on the type of food. Most recipes include the ingredients, directions, tips and a how-to video that shows how to execute the recipe. Each recipe page has options to change video quality, print the recipe, rate the recipe or leave a comment.

Another website that also offers NuWave oven recipes is Food.com. The website offers all kinds of recipes and contains a section specifically for the NuWave oven. The number of recipes is limited, but each recipe includes ingredients, directions, estimated preparation time and recommendations for related recipes.

The NuWave oven is a type of oven that uses "Triple Combo Cooking" to cook food using the methods of conduction, convection and infrared, according to the NuWave website. Triple Combo Cooking combines cooking methods to cook food quickly and evenly. NuWave ovens weigh only 9 pounds and can be set to cook for up to 10 hours on the lowest setting. Hearthware, the manufacturer of NuWave, has been producing infrared-style ovens since 1997.

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