How Can You Rake Leaves Faster?


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To rake leaves faster, rake them smarter. Work with nature, use a tarp and know when to choose an option other than raking to get leaves out of the yard to make the job faster. Use natural conditions to facilitate the work, transport leaves on a tarp rather than in small batches, and consider making mulch piles rather than transporting leaves for a long distance.

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  1. Use the wind to your advantage

    Rake leaves in the same direction as the wind is blowing. This prevents leaves from blowing back into already raked areas. Some leaves are also bound to end up downwind without being raked, making the job easier and faster.

  2. Rake downhill

    Instead of raking uphill, work smarter and rake leaves downhill. There is no need to expend the extra energy pulling leaves up even a small hill. Rake them down a slope and use that energy to rake faster, not harder.

  3. Use a tarp

    If raking leaves downhill and using the wind puts the leaf pile in an undesirable location, simply use a large tarp to drag the leaves to a better spot. Because leaves are so light, a large quantity of leaves can be hauled with only a tarp. Additionally, since tarps are on the ground, no extra work-or time-is needed to get leaves onto the tarp, unlike the bending and picking up needed to get them into a wheelbarrow or lawn and leaf bag.

  4. Make mulch instead of raking

    Consider mulching leaves with a lawnmower or leaf blower. Instead of raking, make a few passes with either machine and let the leaves nourish the yard. Mulched leaves can also be deposited into a compost bin.

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