Where Can You Find a Quesadilla Maker Manual?

Where Can You Find a Quesadilla Maker Manual?

Quesadilla maker manuals are found on some manufacturer's websites, such as Hamilton Beach and George Foreman, or at third party sites such as Kitchen Manuals Online. On the manufacturers' websites, the manuals are usually found on the individual product pages.

Quesadilla makers use corn or flour tortillas, cheese and other ingredients to make a toasted Mexican "sandwich" called a quesadilla. Not as commonly found as bread makers or other small appliances, they are made by only a handful of manufacturers.

Hamilton Beach makes the Quesadilla Maker 25406. Boldly red in color, it takes about five minutes to toast a quesadilla, is easy to wipe clean and stores upright. It comes with recipes and a Use and Care Guide. The guide, which also includes the recipes, is also offered online as a free downloadable PDF.

George Foreman also offers a bright red quesadilla maker, almost identical to the Hamilton Beach. It also has use and care tips, but with fewer recipes included. This manual is also a free PDF file.

Kitchen Manuals Online lists their PDF manuals alphabetically. As of March 2015, quesadilla manuals are available for George Foreman, Nostalgia Electrics and Toastmaster. Other brands are listed, but as of this writing, no models are listed.