Where Can You Purchase Vintage Westinghouse Appliances?

Where Can You Purchase Vintage Westinghouse Appliances?

Vintage Westinghouse appliances can be purchased from an online vintage and antique appliance dealer, such as AntiqueAppliances.com, or an auction website, such as eBay. Locally, vintage appliances might be found at garage sales or flea markets.

Westinghouse, an early innovator of electricity, began manufacturing home appliances in the 1910s that helped to create and develop the appliance industry. The first electric range was released in 1917, the first two-door refrigerator in 1930 and the first clothes dryer in 1946. Besides large appliances, Westinghouse also manufactured waffle irons, electric fans and coffee pots.

Besides their appearance, people desire vintage appliances for their longevity and durability. Vintage appliances from the mid-twentieth century have been found to be the most reliable.

Vintage appliances in good working condition can be hard to find. If you are not capable of making any necessary repairs, purchase vintage appliances from a reputable specialty dealer, or buy a brand new retro-styled appliance offered by companies like Big Chill, Elmira Stove Works and Smeg.

Restored appliances are typically much more expensive than their standard contemporary counterparts. The benefit to buying a new appliance with a retro look is that they are more energy-efficient. Modern major appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators, also have more space than their vintage counterparts.