Where Can You Purchase Used Meat Equipment?


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Davison's Butcher Supply and Modern Butcher Supply both deal in used and refurbished meat preparation and packaging equipment, making them good options for rising and established butchers. All equipment is cleaned and sterilized, so once it has been looked over and recleaned prior to shipping it is fit for use in a butcher's shop.

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Davison's Butcher Supply deals extensively in meat slicing machines, meathooks and many other staple supplies of modern butcher shops. Butchers can find pre-owned materials that have seen use but are in good working order, usually goods exchanged for newer models of machines or utensils.

Modern Butcher Supply operates along similar lines. The site has a rotating catalog of exchanged and refurbished machinery and cutlery that can be purchased at a discount from its original factory pricing due to the wear of use. The degree of use varies from item to item and is included in the product descriptions on the website.

These stores give buyers access to the heaviest machinery used in butchers' shops as well as the most subtle and skill-dependent, everything from slicers and tenderizers to high-quality cleavers and boning knives. Butchers can develop their talents and stock their shops without having to contend with factory pricing or with non-industry salespeople.

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