Where Can You Purchase a Twin Star Infrared Heater?

Where Can You Purchase a Twin Star Infrared Heater?

Twin Star heaters are available through the company website, at home improvement stores, general department stores and via online retailers. Twin Star heaters are actually manufactured under the Duraflame brand name and include ceramic desktop heaters, ceramic oscillating tower heaters, dual quartz tower heaters, oil-filled heaters and electric stoves.

The biggest selection of Twin Star heaters is available on the company website. The categories for heaters are electric stove and log sets, space heaters and units that use the PowerHeat system. The website also features a store locator database searchable by zip code.

Home improvement stores such as Home Depot sell Twin Star heaters both in their bricks-and-mortar locations and online. The websites often feature user reviews as well. Free shipping both to the nearest store and to buyers' homes is sometimes available.

Sam's Club also sells Twin Star heaters. These heaters are often available at a discount. The websites sometimes offer user reviews as well. Generally the selection at Sam's Club is more limited than that found at the Twin Star website or home improvement stores.

Amazon also offers a selection of new and used Twin Star Heaters sold by stores and individual sellers. The listings often offer discounts.